The following is an overview of the Financial Budget for the Year Ending June 30, 2017:

  • Current monthly assessment is $152 per household
  • Annual Homeowner Total Annual Assessment Dollars is $5.7 million
  • Our Annual Operating Budget is $11.7 million
  • Annual Revenue Equals 49% Homeowner Assessments (Net of Reserve Contributions) and 51% Generated From Our Two Golf Courses, the Timber Restaurant, the Timber Creek Catering services and Other Administrative Revenue
  • The Balance of the Capital Improvement Savings Acct is Approx $1.200,000
  • Total Assets of the Community equal $42.8 million
  • The Operating Fund Balance Equals $1.9 million
  • The Year-end Total Reserve Fund Balance is $7.5 million
  • Total Percentage that Reserves are Funded Equals approximately 100%
  • The Community has NO Debt
For a More Detailed Look at the Community's Financial Strength, click here to View the Most Current Audited Statement.