Homeowners within the community formed the Association which provides community governance.

The governing documents have been created to provide direction to Association members. Rules and Regulations stem from these governing documents and are for the benefit of ALL residents and their guests, so enjoyment of the Community Facilities and Amenities, can be achieved at its fullest; while also providing for a reasonable level of protection of Association assets to assure their availability for future use.

It is expected that all Sun City Roseville residents will be respectful of Community Rules and Regulations and of other members of the Community.

A membership-elected volunteer Board of Directors to govern the Association and empowered to exercise all duties deemed necessary and appropriate for the administration of the Association's affairs. The Board also performs responsibilities and exercises all rights of the Association as stipulated in the governing documents and as provided by law. Resident volunteers also serve on committees. The committees make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The Association operates with complete transparency; ensuring meetings are open to residents and are conducted according to a published / posted agenda and includes an open forum for residents to provide their input. Microphones and large screens are used to project information. Staff have an open-door policy and respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

The Board of Directors rely upon ten (10) resident led committees and two (2) resident led community service groups, which provide important input and recommendations to the Board. These committees and community service groups include:
  1. Ambassador Committee
  2. Architectural Review Committee
  3. Chartered Club Committee
  4. Compliance Committee
  5. Elections Committee
  6. Finance Committee
  7. GAC - Governmental Affairs Committee
  8. Golf Committee
  9. Properties Committee
  10. Sports Activity Committee
  11. Citizens Patrol | Neighborhood Watch Community Service Group
  12. Library | Sunshine Services Community Service Group

Nichole Moody